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Claire Norton is an artist, principally a printmaker, who lives and works in London. After pursuing her art independently since finishing a Sports and Exercise Sciences degree (2002) she studied printmaking during her Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (2017) and then on Advanced Printmaking for Artists (2018), at City Lit. She is a member of the 310 Collective, and is currently based at Bainbridge Print Studios, Elephant and Castle.

Artists Statement

My art practice is informed by my background as a Sports Massage Therapist. I find bodies phenomenal, with their countless underlying functions and the remarkable way they go through cycles of replication, regeneration and death.

My focus is on the physiology, form, and appearance of the human body, and particularly the contrast between the surface, what we see, and what lies beneath.

Printmaking suits my work because I can build up prints in layers, by using different printing plates, print process and colours. The print processes can be unpredictable, reflecting the unpredictability of our bodies, and over time the printing plates deteriorate, mirroring the body’s own deterioration. I enjoy exploring these unpredictabilities in my work.

I frequently use photographic imagery as a source from which to develop my ideas. I am interested in exploring the ambiguous nature of familiar forms and use relative scale, cropping and layering to abstract every day representations. I enjoy the intangible quality produced when energetic, gestural marks and the mechanical rendering usually associated with print, collide.

I have recently begun to experiment with etching and enjoy it’s destructive and creative nature, recognising it’s many parallels with the body.

310 Collective exhibitions:

Dulwich Artists Open House, May 2018

Brockley Max Festival, June 2018.

City Lit student group exhibitions:

“What if…”, The Copeland Gallery, May 2017

“Concatenate”, R K Burt Gallery, June 2018.